What is ViveTool? How to Use It to Activate Hidden Features on Windows

Introduction to ViveTool

What is ViveTool? ViveTool is an open-source command line tool that helps activate hidden experimental features on Windows computers. Developed by programmers, this tool allows you to experience new features that have not yet been officially released in stable or developer versions of Windows.

How ViveTool Works

ViveTool works based on the Feature ID system, which is a part of Windows Feature Management. Feature IDs are unique codes for each feature on Windows. You can use ViveTool to activate or disable these features by entering specific commands in the command line or using the GUI.

Benefits of Using ViveTool

Using ViveTool offers several benefits, including:

  • Experiencing new features: Try out new features before they are officially released.
  • Customizing Windows: Customize the Windows operating system to your liking, making the user experience more flexible.

Risks of Using ViveTool

However, using ViveTool also comes with some risks:

  • Potential issues: Since these features are not fully tested, activating them might cause some system errors.
  • How to minimize risks: To minimize risks, you should back up your data before using ViveTool and use a virtual machine to test the features before applying them to your main system.

How to Download and Install ViveTool GUI

Step 1: Access the GitHub page

  • Access the GitHub page of ViveTool to download the GUI version.
Download vivetool gui zip

Step 2: Download the latest version

  • Download the Setup.exe file or the portable version.

Step 3: Install the application

  • Run the setup file and follow the instructions to install it.

Step 4: Launch and configure ViveTool GUI

  • Launch the application from the desktop shortcut or Start menu and select your Windows build.

How to Use ViveTool GUI

ViVeTool GUI

Launch the application

  • After installation, launch ViveTool from the desktop shortcut or Start menu.

Select your Windows build

  • Click the drop-down menu and select your current Windows build.

Find and activate features

  • Use the search bar to find features and select Activate to enable or Deactivate to disable features.

Revert to default values

  • To revert features to their default state, select the modified feature, click Perform Action, and choose Revert Feature to Default Values.

How to Use the Command Line Version of ViveTool

Download and install the command line version

  • Access the GitHub page and download the ViVeTool.zip file. Extract it and change the directory in Command Prompt.
vivetool zip

Execute commands to activate features

  • Use the command ViveTool.exe /enable /id:featureID to activate the desired feature.

Execute commands to disable features

  • Use the command ViveTool.exe /disable /id:featureID to disable the feature.
ViVeTool CMD

Supported Commands of ViveTool

Besides basic commands like /enable and /disable, ViveTool also supports various other commands such as:

  • /query: Find a list of all existing feature configurations.
  • /reset: Reset custom configuration for a specific feature.
  • /resetall: Reset custom configuration for all features.
  • /addsubs: Add feature usage registration.
  • /delsub: Delete feature usage registration.
  • /export: Export custom feature configuration.
  • /import: Import custom feature configuration.
  • /fixlkg: Fix the current ‘Last known good’ system state.
  • /appupdate: Check for new updates of ViveTool.
  • /notifyusage: Display feature usage notification.
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ViveTool does not add new features but only activates hidden ones, making it relatively safe. However, you should back up your data before using it.

You can find Feature IDs from Microsoft’s developer documentation or use the GUI version of ViveTool to look them up.

Yes, you need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

You can use the Revert Feature to Default Values command in the GUI version or the /reset command in the command line.

You can check for and download new updates of ViveTool using the /appupdate command.

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