iOS 18 beta 2

iOS 18 Beta 2 – Exciting New Features Unveiled!

Introduction to iOS 18 beta 2

Apple is well-known for continuously improving its operating systems, and iOS 18 beta 2 is a clear testament to that. This beta version brings several significant and exciting changes. Let’s dive into each new feature in detail through this article.

Fixing the Dark/Light Mode Icon Display Issue for App Store

iOS 18 beta 2 - Fix icon App Store

What is the Dark/Light Mode Display Issue?

Previously, many users reported that the App Store icon displayed incorrect colors when switching between dark and light modes. This issue not only diminished the user experience but also caused daily use inconveniences.

How iOS 18 beta 2 Resolves This Problem

With iOS 18 beta 2, Apple has thoroughly addressed this issue. The App Store icon now accurately displays colors whether you are using dark mode or light mode, making the user experience smoother.

Changing the Power Off Icon Interaction in Control Center

iOS 18 beta 2 - Changing the Power Off Icon

Previous Single-Tap Power Off Icon Interaction

Before iOS 18 beta 2, users could activate the power off function in Control Center with a single tap on the icon. However, this led to many accidental shutdowns due to unintentional taps.

The New Long-Press Interaction in iOS 18 beta 2

In the new version, this interaction has been changed to a long press to avoid accidental shutdowns. This change not only enhances usability but also minimizes unnecessary annoyances for users.

Supporting RCS Messaging

iOS 18 beta 2 - Support RCS Messaging

What is RCS Messaging?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a modern messaging protocol that replaces traditional SMS with more features like multimedia messaging, location sharing, and even group chats.

Benefits of RCS Messaging

RCS provides a richer and more convenient messaging experience. Users can send high-quality messages, see when a message has been read, and receive typing notifications when the recipient is replying.

How iOS 18 beta 2 Integrates RCS

With iOS 18 beta 2, Apple has integrated RCS into the default messaging app. This means iPhone users will enjoy an enhanced messaging experience, in sync with Android devices that have supported RCS for some time.

Screen Sharing Support to macOS

iOS 18 beta 2 - Screen Sharing Support to macOS

Screen Sharing Feature from iPhone to macOS

One of the most anticipated features in iOS 18 beta 2 is the ability to share your iPhone screen directly to macOS. This is extremely useful for online meetings, presentations, or remote technical support.

Steps to Share Your Screen

To share your screen, users simply need to open Control Center on the iPhone, select the screen sharing feature, and then choose the macOS device they want to share with. This process is optimized to be quick and smooth.


iOS 18 beta 2 brings significant improvements, from fixing the App Store icon display issue, changing the power off interaction in Control Center, to integrating RCS Messaging and supporting screen sharing to macOS. These changes not only enhance the user experience but also introduce new conveniences for iPhone users. If you haven’t tried it yet, update now to enjoy these fantastic features.

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