Freepik Pikaso: Creative Image Tool With Artificial Intelligence

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Freepik Pikaso: Creative Image Tool With Artificial Intelligence

Freepik with Pikaso: Easily Create Images from Sketches, Icons, or Webcam via AI.

Freepik, a website providing free graphic resources to the design community, has introduced a new tool called Pikaso. This is an online application that allows you to create beautiful images with just a few simple strokes, or use icons, stock photos, or your webcam. With Pikaso, you can create high-resolution images up to 4K and choose from various styles. Let's explore the AI tool Freepik Pikaso through the article below!

How to Use AI Freepik Pikaso to Turn Sketches into Images

Step 1: Go to the homepage of Freepik Pikaso and log in with your Gmail or Facebook account.
Step 2: Click on the "Trash Can" icon to create a new design page.

Create new

Step 3: Begin by entering a description of the image you want to create, for example, "jellyfish in the deep ocean."

  • Select the "Icons" tab > Type a description to add icons or images.
  • Select the "Upload" tab to upload images from your computer.
Tab Icon

Step 4: Choose the color, brush size, and start drawing. The right column will display AI-generated images from your drawing.

Select color,...
  • You can choose a background color for your drawing to make it stand out.
Select background color
  • Click on "Re-image" for Pikaso to suggest various different versions for you to choose from.
Click ‘Re-image’
  • Click on "Enhance" to increase the level of detail and resolution of the image.
  • Click on "Copy" to transfer the image from the right column to the left to continue editing.
Click ‘Copy’

Step 5: Once finished, you can download the image to your computer.

Key Features of AI Freepik Pikaso

  1. Rapid Conversion: Instantly convert sketches into AI images and dynamically refine strokes into real-time images.
  2. Style Diversity: Allows for creating images in various styles, from cartoons to art, from nature to animals.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use and suitable for all user levels, from beginners to experts.
  4. Creative Tools: Includes tools like selection, drawing, and uploading custom images, enabling you to create images according to your ideas.
  5. Imagination Adjustment: Allows adjusting the AI's influence level from subtle to strong, helping create images closely resembling reality or entirely new.
  6. High Resolution: Provides resolution options from 1K to 4K, enabling you to create sharp and high-quality images.


AI Freepik Pikaso is a fantastic creative tool for design enthusiasts and creators. You can create beautiful images with just a few simple sketches or by using icons, stock photos, or your webcam. Experience AI Freepik Pikaso today and share your creations with the community!